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国内方管市场价格跌幅扩大。受昨日尾盘无缝异型钢管下跌影响,早盘唐山方管普跌20-30元,虽然正值“金三”但需求迟迟不见明显放量,加之月底资金压力 大,市场让利走货增多,因此,在成本下滑,期货不明的情况下,今天京津冀、包头、太原、成都、郑州、上海等城市价格纷纷下调10-30元。H型钢市场波动 不大,主导钢厂依旧挺价,昨日津西、天柱、鑫达钢厂再度上调出厂价,但市场反应不大,只部分低价小幅高靠,主流价格平稳为主。短期来看,受期螺开盘走高提 振,钢坯止跌回涨10,但对市场提振有限,月底商家出货为主,预计明日国内方管价格将稳中盘整为主。

Domestic market price declines have widened. Affected by the drop in steel billet at the end of last day, Tangshan Fangguan plunged 20-30 yuan in early trading. Although it was the "Jinsan" market, the demand was slow to see a significant release. In addition, at the end of the month, the pressure of funds was high, and the market made profits increase. Therefore, in the case of falling costs and uncertain futures, the prices of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Baotou, Taiyuan, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and other cities were reduced by 10-30 yuan today. H-section steel market fluctuation is not big, leading steel mills are still bid, yesterday, Tianzhu, Xinda steel mills again raised the ex-factory price, but the market reaction is not big, only part of the low price slightly depend on high, mainstream prices are stable. In the short term, due to the rising opening of futures snails, billets stopped falling and rose 10 percent, but the market boost was limited. At the end of the month, merchants shipped mainly. It is expected that domestic square tube prices will stabilize and consolidate mainly tomorrow. 价格方面:现国内重点中心城市25#工字钢的平均价格是4225元(吨价,下同),较昨日市 场价格跌7元;25#槽钢平均价格是4285元,较昨日市场价格跌13元;5#角钢平均价格是4287元,较昨日市场价格跌11元;200*200H型钢 平均价格是3945元,较昨日市场价格涨1元。

Price: The average price of 25# I-beam in key cities in China is 4225 yuan (ton price, the same below), 7 yuan lower than yesterday's market price; the average price of 25# channel steel is 4285 yuan, 13 yuan lower than yesterday's market price; the average price of 5# angle steel is 4287 yuan, 11 yuan lower than yesterday's market price; the average price of 200 * 200H steel is 3945 yuan, 1 yuan higher than yesterday's market price.


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