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国内无缝异型钢管各地区市场价格稳。近期国内无缝异型管市场悲观情绪较浓,大部分地区出货量不佳,只有个别地区无锡、沧州出货量还不错,沧州主要以热扩管出货量最佳,其它地区基本都是一 两家贸易商出货量还不错。无缝异型管出货量以普管为主,当下销量不佳的情况下大管出货量的比重在一些地区开始增加。华中地区,武汉、长沙地区的新冶特钢大口径 无缝异型钢管出货量差不多能达到该地区日出货量的30%左右。由于整体无缝异型钢管出货量不是很多,因此短期内国内无缝异型钢管价格还将以稳为主。

Domestic seamless special-shaped steel pipe market prices are stable in all regions. Recently, the domestic seamless special-shaped steel pipe market is pessimistic. The shipments in most areas are not good. Only in some areas, the shipments in Wuxi and Cangzhou are good. Cangzhou is the best in terms of heat expansion pipe shipments. In other areas, the shipments of one or two traders are basically good. The shipment of seamless special-shaped steel pipes is dominated by ordinary pipes, and the proportion of large-sized pipes is increasing in some areas under the current situation of poor sales. In central China, the shipment of large-caliber seamless special-shaped steel pipes in Xinye Special Steel Company in Wuhan and Changsha can reach about 30% of the daily shipment in this area. Because the overall volume of seamless special-shaped steel pipe shipments is not very large, the domestic price of seamless special-shaped steel pipe will be stable in the short term. 价格方面,国内无缝异型钢管重点城市,规格108*4.5mm平均价格5017元,与昨天持平。

In terms of price, the average price of 108*4.5mm seamless special-shaped steel pipe in key cities in China is 5017 yuan, which is the same as yesterday.


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