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日国内无缝异型钢管市场价格主稳个弱。今日国内无缝异型钢管市场跌势放缓,大部分城市报价持稳,个别有10-30左右的调整幅度。从唐山来看,受午前期螺上涨提振,钢坯小涨10元,盘中部分低 价资源追高,但成交一般。午盘期螺大跳水,后一直低位震荡,市场信心再度受挫,观望情绪转浓。短期来看,虽成本端表现坚挺,但因需求表现欠佳,市场还是让 利走货为主,当前价格涨跌两难,下跌有成本支撑,上涨需求跟进不足,因此预计短期国内无缝异型钢管市场将延续窄幅震荡走势。

The market price of seamless special-shaped steel pipe in Japan is stable and weak. Today, the domestic seamless special-shaped steel pipe market declines slowly, most of the city quotations remain stable, with some adjustments ranging from 10 to 30. From Tangshan's point of view, boosted by the snail rise in the early afternoon, the billet rose by 10 yuan, some of the low-cost resources in the middle of the plate catch up, but the transaction is normal. In midday snail dive, after a low shock, market confidence once again frustrated, wait-and-see mood turned strong. In the short term, although the performance of the cost side is strong, due to poor demand performance, the market still let profit take the lead. Current prices are in a dilemma. The decline is supported by cost, and the rising demand is insufficient to follow up. Therefore, it is expected that the short-term domestic seamless special-shaped steel pipe market will continue a narrow fluctuation trend. 价格方面:现国内重点中心城市25#工字钢的平均价格是4222元(吨价,下同),较昨日市 场价格跌3元;25#槽钢平均价格是4285元,与昨日市场价格持平;5#角钢平均价格是4287元,与昨日市场价格持平;200*200H型钢平均价格 是3940元,较昨日市场价格跌5元。


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