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The price of seamless special-shaped steel pipe in Beijing this week is flat compared with the same period last week. This week, traders in Beijing market shipped less than 100 tons, with more traders of 40 to 50 tons. The main volume of shipments was Shandong Puguan, with more Meron and Yuanbao. Large-caliber pipes are not shipped much. Some traders in Baotou Steel have large-caliber pipes in stock of 30-40 tons, one or two specifications. There are almost no special steel pipe in Xinye, and the quantity of Panjin seamless special-shaped steel pipe in Beijing is relatively small. As of March 15, according to monitoring data, Shandong 108*4.5 quoted 4800 yuan. Shandong 159*6 quoted 4750 yuan. Shandong Molong 325*8 quoted 5000 yuan. 无缝异型钢管管厂方面,金正阳(20#热轧,规格108*4.5,以下同上)报价4550元,金宝诚报价4570元,泰宗报价4550元,瑞钢联报价4550元,美鑫报价4500元,泰宗报价4550元,凤宝连扎报价4700元,巨石报价4500元,与上周同期下调50元。磐金(20#热轧,159*6)报价4500元,申昊报价4700元,与上周同期价格持平。汇丰(20#热轧,325*10)报价4750元,与上周同期持平。兴亚(20#,38*3.5)报价5650元,与上周持平。本周山东管厂价格有下调。

For seamless special-shaped steel pipe plant, Jin Zhengyang (20_hot rolling, 108*4.5 specifications, the same below) quoted 4550 yuan, Jin Baocheng quoted 4570 yuan, Taizong quoted 4550 yuan, Ruiyuan quoted 4550 yuan, Meixin quoted 4500 yuan, Taizong quoted 4550 yuan, Fengbao Lianza quoted 4700 yuan, Jushi quoted 4500 yuan, down 50 yuan in the same period last week. Panjin (20 # hot rolling, 159 * 6) quoted 4500 yuan, Shenhao quoted 4700 yuan, the same price as the same period last week. HSBC (20 # hot rolling, 325 * 10) quoted 4750 yuan, the same as the same period last week. Xingya (20 #, 38 * 3.5) quoted 5650 yuan, which was the same as last week. The price of Shandong Pipe Factory has been lowered this week.


The volume of seamless special-shaped steel pipes shipped in Beijing market is not large. Traders are cautious and not optimistic about future market expectations, but they have strong willingness to bid. Some traders have to adjust their business strategies, consciously reduce inventory, or reduce operating pressure, and try not to replenish without replenishment. As the weather improves, construction sites have started, demand will be further released, and the seamless special-shaped steel pipe market in Beijing will improve, so the price of the seamless special-shaped steel pipe market in Beijing will be stable in the short term.


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